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Encrypt personal and business data with NordLocker — your private file vault. Your files are protected, backed up, and always within reach.

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Encrypted at all times

Encrypt your files in the cloud or locally
to keep your data secure

Security made easy

Drag and drop any type of file
you want to secure

Control your data

We can never see your encryption keys
or what you store in your cloud


Your private cloud awaits

Sync your files across devices securely. Your cloud storage is always encrypted and hidden from other device users.

If you damage or lose your device, get your data back in a click.


Encrypt your files

Drop files into the app and secure them in seconds. NordLocker is private by design, leaving complete control over your data to you.

It’s safer because nobody can touch your files without your permission.


Safer sharing

You don’t just send a file or a folder — you send an entire locker. This way, you can always stay in control of who can access your files.

Keep your data safe by controlling who and when gets to see it.

Here’s why people choose NordLocker

NordLocker strikes a great balance between simplicity and breadth of features. The platform is straightforward and easy to use, and it isn’t overwhelmed by features you’ll never use.

Mike Williams,

Lead security reviewer, Techradar

NordLocker offers a simple way to protect your most sensitive files using encryption, yet easily share them when necessary.

Neil J. Rubenking,

Lead Analyst for Security, PCMag

NordLocker provides a simple user experience for a complex process, which is exactly what you want from software. Users can easily encrypt computer files, back them up to the cloud, and share them with others. There’s zero fear of a data breach or hacking.

Keelan Balderson,

Journalist and Content Creator, Techjury

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2 TB cloud storage
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
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