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Personal files. For your eyes only.

Photos, videos, notes

Think of all the personal files you’d rather keep private. Prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands and being exploited in malicious ways.

Finances, IDs, passwords

Getting this info compromised may lead to identity theft or loss of money. NordLocker ensures top-notch security for your sensitive data.

Your secrets

Whether it’s your diary or a secret music collection, NordLocker protects it from prying eyes so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to snoop on you.

Work-related data. Secured.

Freelancing work

Use NordLocker to ensure secure file access and make your professionalism shine when sharing your work with clients.

Confidential work in progress

If you’re an entrepreneur, programmer, researcher or any other professional in the process of creating something big, keep it confidential as long as you need.

Medical records

Medical data is increasingly becoming a target for cybercrime. Protect sensitive data of your patients by storing it securely encrypted.

Easiest encryption you'll ever use

NordLocker offers a fast and intuitive interface. But don’t be deceived by the basic process. As soon as you drag a file into the locker, it's encrypted with the most advanced ciphers and principles

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From vacation photos to your digital creations and documents of any kind – nearly all files contain bits of sensitive information. And that makes them worth protecting.

— Creators of NordVPN

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NordLocker supports all file types

Create lockers — your digital safes — and protect your data from hackers. Add any file. No one can open your locker or know what's inside without your permission.

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Secure your files in the cloud

Use NordLocker to secure files and keep them on your computer, in the cloud, or both. Any way you do it, you’re protected from hacking, surveillance, and data collection. NordLocker encrypts files before uploading them to the cloud, so you never have to worry about file security or privacy again.

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Sync between devices

Access your files no matter where you go. Everything you put into your cloud lockers will be available to you via your account on any computer. NordLocker will only download encrypted files, so you stay protected even on a shared computer.


Get assistance from experts

Our customer care team is always ready to assist you. Get in touch directly or go through our Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions. Our Premium users get 24/7 support and enjoy the first-in-line priority for email inquiries.

Protect your files and sync them via the cloud. Get 3 GB of secure cloud storage for free.

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