Cloud-based document storage for business use

Keep all your files in one secure document storage. Only you and the ones you trust will have access to it.

Secure online document storage for any kind of business

With NordLocker Business, you can improve your company’s cybersecurity and have full control over access to your business documents.

Your virtual safe for all business documents

NordLocker Business can serve as cloud document storage where you and your team members can keep and manage all types of business documents, including contracts, reports, financial statements, tax records, invoices, and client correspondence.

Encrypted means protected at all times

The platform is based on zero-knowledge architecture and uses the most advanced encryption standards such as AES-256 and xChaCha20-Poly1305.

This means that nobody – not even Nord Security – can access the documents you store in your NordLocker except for you and the people you authorize.

The benefits go beyond keeping your documents safe

Go paperless and improve data efficiency

Digitize your documents to reduce costs, drive performance, and be more eco-friendly.

Centralize your business document management

Stay organized and find any document you need in a matter of seconds.

Get instant access to files anywhere, anytime

Connect with NordLocker via Web Access or your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

Safely share your documents with others

Send and receive encrypted documents to your team members and business partners.

Enhance your legal compliance

Use the document storage to stay compliant with the GDPR, CCPA (CPRA) or HIPAA.

Meet the document storage features

Easy upload

Upload as many files as you want in whatever format– PDF, DOC, HTML, XLSX, JPEG, PNG, MP4 – to your cloud document storage with just a few clicks on your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device – or via a Web Access.

The moment you upload your document to NordLocker, it will be immediately encrypted so that nobody else can open it but you and the people you will share it with.

Choose a storage plan that’s right for your business

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billed annually

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2 TB cloud storage
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Access control via Admin Panel
Secure file management
Private sharing
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support

Connect your team members and keep your data safe

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