Your files are for your eyes only

Zero-knowledge policy keeps your data confidential, even from us.

What does zero-knowledge encryption mean?

Zero-knowledge, or no-logs policy, means that every bit of information is treated with complete confidentiality. The company provides the software or service, but all the data remains on the user’s side.

In encryption, zero-knowledge means that data is secured with a unique user key, which the app developer does not know. With zero-knowledge encryption, no one but the user can access their encrypted files.

Can zero-knowledge encryption work in the cloud?

Most users of encryption apps understand that it’s much easier to protect your privacy if you stay offline. However, zero-knowledge encryption can work even in the cloud. Unlike cloud storage providers that track everything you upload, NordLocker deals with encrypted data only. No NordLocker employee, or anyone else for that matter, could ever know what you store in your private cloud space.

How does zero-knowledge encryption work in the cloud?

Every time you drop a file into NordLocker, complex mathematical algorithms and ciphers scramble that data. It can only be unlocked with a secret key, one that the user alone knows. The user also gets to choose if and when to upload files to the cloud for easy access, and when to remove them. Whatever is uploaded to the cloud has already been encrypted with the user’s key, so that data remains confidential and protected from hackers, data collection, or surveillance.

What does zero-knowledge encryption mean to you?

Privacy. As we stated earlier, only you have access to your files. No one else, including NordLocker, knows what you encrypt and store on your computer or in your NordLocker cloud storage. Even if our servers were breached, hackers wouldn’t get away with much because you hold the encryption key.

Does zero-knowledge encryption have drawbacks?

There’s one important thing anyone who uses encryption must remember. Companies that collect data know your name, email, password, and much more. That’s how they can help you if you ever forget your password.

NordLocker does not collect data. This is important because the master password you created and the auto-generated recovery key are the only ways to get to your files. If you forget your master password and don’t have your recovery key, you could potentially lose your files too.

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