About NordLocker

Keeping your files and sensitive data secure is a challenge. A challenge that you may be facing daily, often without even realizing it.

The moment you decide to move your files to the cloud, you are left with no other option but to trust your cloud storage provider with keeping your data safe and private. But data breaches happen. Hacks happen. Even if the cloud provider encrypts your files in transit and at rest, the question is: who holds the key? If it’s the cloud provider, how can you be positive that none of the admins will access your data from within the company? Or that your photos – your most personal moments – won’t be secretly used for machine learning?

We believe that data security shouldn’t be a matter of trust. We aim that you never have to assume that your data is safe. We want you to be sure. And we’re bringing NordLocker to make it happen.

By developing NordLocker, we’re keeping our eyes on the core goal – to give you back the control of your data with the help of encryption. Sophisticated algorithms, the most advanced ciphers, and modern cryptography principles – these make up the backbone of NordLocker. We wrapped it into the best usability practices to make file security easy for everyone.

With NordLocker, you have control over where you keep your data. Secure files on your computer, send them to a secure cloud for easier access, or both. What matters is that no one can snoop on your files without your knowledge or permission. So put your mind at ease – encryption is on us.