Download NordLocker
for MacOS

Want to keep your files safe? Protect them on a secure cloud for macOS. Get 3 GB of encrypted cloud storage for free.

Add an extra layer
of security

Only you hold the keys to your encrypted data. Once you put files into your locker, they’re safe from sticky fingers and prying eyes. Zero-knowledge architecture means that no one gets to peek inside — including us!

Keep all your macOS
devices safe

No need to pick and choose — with NordLocker, you can protect every macOS device you own. Simply download NordLocker and drop your files into the app. Now, your files are safe and backed up in an end-to-end encrypted cloud.

Keep your files
with you

With NordLocker, your files are always within reach. Download NordLocker for macOS and drop your files into the app. We’ll sync them across your devices so you can access your cloud lockers anywhere you go. NordLocker also has Windows, iOS, and Android apps, and you can access NordLocker Cloud via your web browser.

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Try 3 GB cloud storage for free

Boost your data privacy. Encrypt files and get 3 GB of free cloud storage.