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What does cloud sync mean?

Most people don’t use just one device — they use several. From home computers to smartwatches, the need to access the same apps on different devices is ever-growing. That’s why app creators rarely limit their product to one operating system.

You may have heard of features like multi-device integration or cloud sync. Despite sometimes being used interchangeably, these two features aren’t the same:

  • Multi-device means that the same app can be installed on more than one platform.
  • Cloud sync is the ability to access the same settings and data on different devices.

How is cloud sync useful?

Cross-platform features allow users to use their favorite apps no matter where they go. For offline apps, this means accessing them on different operating systems. But when the app is connected to the internet, cross-platform capabilities shoot up, allowing you to sync your files and settings across all your devices.

Cloud sync helps your apps always stay up to date, whether you’re using a computer, mobile device, gaming console, smartwatch, or another device. It’s a popular feature in task managers, calendars, and note-taking apps, but websites can also sync your shopping cart details, preferences, and more.

Can you use NordLocker on multiple devices?

Yes, NordLocker is available on multiple platforms. You can download and install the app on any Windows or macOS computer. The desktop apps offer advanced data security, protection from malware, backup, the ability to offload your files to the cloud using Space Saver, and unlimited local encryption.

NordLocker also has Android and iOS mobile apps. Keep in mind that they work differently from NordLocker’s desktop versions. The key difference in cloud sync is that files are not automatically downloaded to your device. To preserve your mobile storage, your lockers are listed in the app, giving you the freedom to only download what you need.

Does cloud sync work with NordLocker?

NordLocker has cloud sync, but remember: the feature does not sync local lockers. Let us explain the differences:

Local lockers

Local lockers encrypt and store files on the device on which NordLocker is installed. There is no limit to what you can encrypt, both in size and quantity.

Cloud lockers

You can store your cloud lockers on your device and the cloud, or only the cloud. All data in these lockers is synced privately across your devices when you log in.

Is cloud sync safe?

Given how widespread cloud sync use is, it’s fair to say that it is safe but rarely private. Log into your social media account from a shared device, check your messages, and log out. If you remember the last step, the chances of anything going wrong are slim. But files are a different matter. If you log into your cloud from any device, personal or shared, the files will likely be downloaded to that device and leave them exposed to others. Even if you delete them and clean the Recycle bin, somebody can restore them.

That’s not how NordLocker works. Our cloud sync downloads encrypted files that only their owner can unlock. That’s why using NordLocker’s cloud sync is completely safe and private.

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