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What is data backup?

Backup is a feature that generates a copy of your data. For example, your operating system settings get backed up automatically before you install a new update. This way, you can revert your system to its previous working state if something goes wrong.

How do backups work?

In simple terms, a backup is an extra copy of your data. But it’s important to understand what it’s not. Have you ever worked on a document and, despite the app telling you your changes have been saved, clicked the Save button just in case? That’s not a backup, because in you’re overwriting your data. To backup your data, there must be a new instance of your data. Backups are often done automatically, but you can do manual backups, as well.

If you copy your photos to a removable drive, it’s a manual backup.

And if you schedule a weekly backup of your operating system, it’s an automatic one.

How NordLocker’s auto backup feature protects your files

It’s important to understand that NordLocker has two ways of keeping your files safe. When you use local lockers for your files, the files are encrypted and stored on your computer. But local lockers can’t be backed up automatically. If you lose your device, your files will be lost too.

Automatic file backup works with files stored in your cloud lockers. Files are encrypted on your computer and then uploaded to your cloud storage. When you make changes to your files, they are automatically backed up in the cloud as well.

How to restore your files using automatic backup

NordLocker’s automatic backup feature protects your files in all kinds of situations. Your computer can be stolen, damaged, or lost. But whatever happens, your files stay protected.

While encryption secures your files from other people, the automatic backup will restore your cloud lockers the next time you use NordLocker. Log in from a new computer, and the app will download your lost data.

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