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Store and share your files securely. Encrypt 5 GB of data for free.


Windows 10

Encrypt in a blink

Just a simple drag-and-drop to NordLocker – and your files are protected with rock-solid encryption. Our modern, powerful cryptosystem runs fast, so securing your data won’t burn your productive time. All file types are supported.

Access from multiple devices

Install the NordLocker app on all your computers to access encrypted files whenever you need to. Simply download or transfer the files to your device and decrypt them with NordLocker here and now.

Share anything, with anyone – securely

Seamless cross-platform sharing lets you exchange data confidentially. If you encrypt a file on a Mac and send it to your friend who uses Windows, they will decrypt the file with their NordLocker app. Smooth.

Have many files to secure?

Protect your data with unlimited encryption

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