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Keep your files safe with our file encryption software for Windows. Encrypt 5GB of data for free.


Windows 10 64-bit

Top-tier security for your files

Everything you add to your locker is secured with state-of-the-art cryptography. Only you know the contents — even we can’t peek inside due to zero-knowledge architecture. Safely store, share, or upload encrypted data from your Windows devices to the cloud.

Encryption for multiple devices

Got one PC for work, one PC for play? Don’t choose between protecting your professional or your private life. Download our encryption software for Windows and enjoy ultimate file protection for all your devices.

Safe file sharing — any time, anywhere

Enjoy complete confidentiality for your data. Whether it’s state secrets or vacation pics, whether you’re sending documents over public Wi-Fi or using your personal email, only the intended receiver can access your encrypted files.

Reaching your 5GB encryption limit?

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