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What is secure cloud storage?

Secure cloud storage uses end-to-end encryption to protect users and their data. This way, files are shielded from malware or accidental exposure, and the user knows that no one will snoop inside their files without permission

How does it work?

NordLocker encrypts your files before they leave your device. Only then is data uploaded, backed up, and synced across your devices via secure cloud storage. You can even access your files privately on a shared device.


Drop your files into the app, where they will be encrypted with your keys.


NordLocker uploads and backs up your data in a secure cloud.


Data is synced across your devices.

Access files wherever you go securely and privately. Even on a shared device.

What is the best cloud storage?

While everyone has different needs when it comes to cloud storage, security should never be compromised on. Use the table below and find the best cloud storage provider for you.







Pricing 2TB (paid yearly)







End-to-end encryption

Secure file sharing


Sync files across devices

Desktop app (Windows/macOS)

Mobile access (Android/iOS)

Web access

Selective sync/Space saver

OAuth standard login

24/7 support

Automatic backup

Unlimited number of devices connected to 1 account

Unlimited local file encryption

Third-party login

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*Prices and other data collected on May 19, 2022 from official competitors’ websites, with the US as the key location. For additional information or support, please contact us at [email protected].

**NordLocker® is unaffiliated with the goods or services used for comparison.

The benefits of a secure cloud storage

NordLocker keeps your data accessible without compromising its security. Whether you’re a freelance artist, a thriving business, or someone looking for more privacy, you can benefit from NordLocker’s zero-knowledge architecture and limitless end-to-end encryption.

sync your data

Unlike the mainstream services, NordLocker doesn’t use encryption selectively. Your files (and even their names) are encrypted at all times – from the first moment you drop them into the app.

back up your data

Every time you use cloud services, you have to trust them to act ethically. NordLocker’s zero-knowledge architecture ensures only the people you trust can access your data.

ensure business continuity

Ensure business continuity

In addition to their own services, companies now also handle a lot of sensitive data. Nordlocker can help you protect your customer data and help you stay ahead of data privacy laws.

Secure business data with NordLocker Cloud

Cloud storage for business

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Business Plus 2 TB

Save 21%



per user, billed annually

Get Business Plus 2 TB

Advanced collaboration and security for teams and companies:

2 TB cloud storage
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
Access control via Admin Panel
Secure file management
Private sharing
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support


Business 500 GB

Save 30%



per user, billed annually

Get Business 500 GB

Secure file management and sharing for startups and departments:

500 GB cloud storage
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
Access control via Admin Panel
Secure file management
Private sharing
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support

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