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What is drag-and-drop?

Drag-and-drop is a graphical user interface feature that provides users with an easy way to manage data. In a calendar app, you can drag and drop an event to a different time slot instead of typing a new date. Or, in a file management app like NordLocker, you can drop files in a new folder instead of using the Cut and Paste commands.

What’s the benefit of drag-and-drop?

Before the 1990s, operating systems did not have a graphical user interface. So, to use a computer, you had to type in every command. Of course, you had to learn and memorize them first. Drag-and-drop interfaces made everything much easier and helped millions of people use computers on a daily basis.

Why NordLocker uses a drag-and-drop interface?

We wanted to create a security app that anyone could use. Encryption may sound scary and complicated, but drag-and-drop does not. This feature has been around for a while now and has become a synonym of ease-of-use. In fact, we think that drag-and-drop makes NordLocker the easiest file encryption tool. Here’s why the feature is so powerful:

  • No learning curve. Anyone from a toddler to a senior now knows how to use drag-and-drop. This means that, with NordLocker, everyone can win back their privacy without spending hours learning about encryption.
  • Saving time. Securing personal files usually means hundreds and thousands of files that need protection. Adding them one by one would take hours. But you can select the files you need and drag them to the app all at once — NordLocker will secure all your files instantly.
  • More secure. Drag-and-drop is often more secure because, unlike typing, it leaves no trail that snoopers and data collectors can log.
  • Everything is droppable. There are dozens of operating systems, millions of apps, tons of features, but there’s only one ease-of-use standard — drag-and-drop.

How to add files to NordLocker via drag-and-drop?

Using drag-and-drop is not the only way to add files to NordLocker. But it’s the fastest and easiest way to secure your personal data.

To move a single file or folder, click and drag it with your mouse (or another optical device) to the appropriate locker and then release it. To select multiple items at once, click next to a file or a folder and then drag your mouse in its direction. Now, you can drop all your selected items into NordLocker in a single move.

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