Secure file sharing
for business

NordLocker’s secure file sharing helps you stay in control of your critical business data, ensuring compliance and the highest security standard is met. Share sensitive data without putting it at risk.

Protect your business with secure and private file sharing

Your corporate data is most vulnerable while it’s in transit. Protect your digital wealth from cyberattacks, breaches, and privacy violations.

Two ways to share files securely

Sharing documents securely with colleagues and collaborators is fast and easy. Set expiration dates for additional security and maintain complete transparency over who accessed what, when.

Share encrypted lockers
via email

Share multiple items efficiently by adding documents, presentations, sheets, or visual assets to encrypted folders (lockers) that only your intended recipient can unlock.

nordlocker share via link

Share single items quickly, using a securely generated link that keeps the file encrypted in transit. A two-step sharing process and administrative rights mean you never lose control of your data.

Gain the benefits of secure file sharing

Build confidence

Establish trust among colleagues, clients, and business partners by holding file sharing to the highest security standard.

Improve compliance

Meet a common compliance and security standard in regard to data privacy and protection. Avoid a costly data breach.

Maintain access control

Stay in control of your data even after it’s shared. Monitor who accessed what, when, and revoke access entirely at any time.

Mitigate cyber risk

Decrease the threat of a breach of cyberattack from in or outside of your organization. Keep sensitive data private.

Onboard quickly

Get up-and-running with NordLocker quickly. Onboard your team with little to no training to reap the benefits right away.

Increase transparency

Monitor who has access to your critical business data at all times. Maintain access hierarchies by fine tuning sharing rights.

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