Takes seconds to secure, a century to break

NordLocker brings end-to-end encryption (E2E) to the cloud. Secure your data without limits and back it up via a private cloud.

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Secure files via drag and drop

Start protecting your files instantly ― pick any file or folder and drop it into the app. Local encryption is automatic and unlimited, which means that you could encrypt your entire hard drive for free.

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Access files anywhere

Going somewhere? NordLocker syncs your files via a private cloud, so they’re always a click away. Log into your account on any PC or Mac to access your cloud lockers. And don’t worry about privacy ― only you can access your files because NordLocker data is always encrypted.

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Backup data automatically

Don't lose a single file. We encrypt and back up your cloud locker data automatically. If your device is ever damaged or stolen, log in to NordLocker on a new device and download your cloud lockers.

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Stay safe with end-to-end encryption

Enjoy yourself while we look after your data. NordLocker uses the world’s most trusted encryption algorithms and state-of-the-art ciphers. AES256, Argon2, ECC ― they all work together to encrypt data in seconds and keep it secure for as long as needed.

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Accept no compromises

Your business is none of ours. We never know what you encrypt or store in your private cloud. That’s what we call NordLocker’s zero-knowledge policy.

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Boost your data privacy. Encrypt files and get 3 GB of free cloud storage.

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