Secure cloud for your data

Your files are synced, backed up, and always encrypted.

Secure and sync your files with ease

Secure sharing

Share a copy of your encrypted file via a link with anyone. A unique code adds an extra layer of security, granting secure file sharing in a few clicks. You can also share a locker via email with other NordLocker users.

Sync files across devices

Enjoy privacy across all your devices. Use NordLocker with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

Protect files in your web browser

Don’t have NordLocker on your device? Web Access helps you secure files from your web browser.

Any file will do

Encryption works on any file — small or large. Documents, photos, videos, folders, you name it.

Neatly organize your files

Organize your files into lockers and folders, and store them on the cloud.

Drag and drop to secure

You already have the skills to protect your data. Drop your files into the app, and NordLocker will do the rest. Your files are synced and backed up, so you never lose them.

Keep your files safe wherever you go

Secure cloud storage

On NordLocker Cloud, your files are encrypted at all times. This means that no one can rummage through your data without your permission.

Enjoy an end-to-end encryption cloud

Secure and sync your files via an end-to-end encrypted cloud. You can access them from any device - your files are never exposed.

Stay safe with cloud backup

NordLocker Cloud backs up your files privately and securely. Even if your device gets damaged, lost, or stolen, your data is safe.

Offload files with Space Saver

Offload rarely used files to your private cloud and save tons of space across your devices. Don’t worry: your files are always just a click away.

Proven security you can trust

Zero-knowledge architecture

Using NordLocker Cloud should never be about trust. What’s yours is yours. Unlike mainstream cloud providers, we can never see your encryption keys or know what you store on your cloud. Don’t take our word for it – zero-knowledge architecture makes that a fact.

State-of-art encryption

Proven cryptography algorithms and next-generation ciphers keep your files safe on your devices and the cloud. AES-256 encrypts files and filenames, xChaCha20-Poly1305 protects keychain and identity data, while Ed25519 ensures the security of your digital signatures.

Protection from ransomware

Ransomware may infiltrate your devices and restrict access to your files until you pay a ransom. NordLocker helps you stay protected from this dangerous malware because your data is already encrypted and backed up in the cloud.

Security research that has reached millions

NordLocker is more than an encryption tool. We also collaborate with researchers to educate the public about security online. Our reports about ransomware attacks on businesses and file-stealing malware have been read by millions.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to your account. You can choose from several authentication methods, including single-use backup codes, authenticator apps, and third-party security keys.

10 years of cybersecurity experience

NordLocker was created by the team behind NordVPN, the world’s top VPN service.

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