Boost data security with encrypted cloud storage for business

NordLocker is a secure cloud for your business that allows you to store and sync your company data privately and securely. Your data is always protected by the world’s top cryptography algorithms and ciphers.

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What is cloud storage for business?

Cloud storage for business is not just a place to store your files. It impacts individual performance and team collaboration. It has the power to transform your business and protect it from internal accidents, cyber incidents, and snooping. But only if you choose right.

data security for all business

How to choose cloud for business?

The way you choose cloud storage largely depends on your business needs. But any cloud for business today must put their client data security above everything else regardless of the size of your company or industry.


As a department, you have a small team with shared goals, processes, and problems. You may also have the freedom to choose which tools are best for your department instead of using whatever everyone else at the company is using. Look for tools that increase your work efficiently without compromising security.

A cloud for departments must primarily keep files accessible. It should back up and sync your files between devices and ensure easy permission management through access control.

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Why secure business data on NordLocker Cloud

business features

State-of-the-art security and cloud storage for any business

Business Admin Panel

Your organization's Admin Panel allows you to manage all your cloud data and licenses in one place.

Secure sharing

Share files with confidence. Even when you transfer files, you remain in control of who can access them.

File security on the cloud and the device

NordLocker uses the world's top encryption algorithms to protect your data on your devices and the cloud.

End-to-end encrypted cloud

With NordLocker, your files are never exposed. They remain protected with your encryption keys on a device and in the cloud.

Multi-platform access

You can use Nordlocker on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS or access your cloud storage via your web browser.

Easy to use

You can use NordLocker no matter your skill level. Even novice users can enjoy premium-level security with our drag-and-drop interface.

Security features you can trust

Zero-knowledge architecture

Unlike mainstream cloud services, we don’t have your encryption key. Only you do. Your data can never be exposed to third parties because it’s encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Multi-factor authentication

NordLocker applies several security layers to protect your account. You can enhance your security further with the help of multi-factor authentication.

Advanced cryptography

Proven cryptography algorithms like AES-256 and next-generation ciphers like xChaCha20-Poly1305 protect your data on your devices and the cloud.

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security compliance

One step closer to compliance



NordLocker doesn’t just secure your files with state-of-the-art encryption. It also helps you comply with the GDPR and other privacy regulations. By encrypting your business data, you protect your reputation and the trust of your clients.



Do you work in the healthcare industry in the US? NordLocker helps you comply with the HIPAA. Encrypt all protected health information (PHI) in just a couple of clicks and share it securely.

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