Secure cloud storage for law firms

Boost your cybersecurity, ensure confidentiality, and work with confidence.

What is secure cloud storage for law firms?

You already know what a cloud is. A secure cloud is just like the mainstream cloud. The difference is that it was built to help you handle confidential data without having to worry about compliance or cyber threats. The necessary cybersecurity measures are built in, so your firm’s data always stays private and protected from malware, loss, or accidental exposure.

Reduce legal costs

The legal industry still uses copious amounts of paper. Nevertheless, some law firms have embraced digital technologies and as a result, have reduced their costs significantly. In a secure cloud, your work is more efficient and secure with fewer resources.

Secure your communications

End-to-end encryption ensures your communications with coworkers and clients stay confidential at all times. Data ownership stays with you. In other words, you decide who and when to share your data.

Boost productivity

When efficiency is of the essence, there’s nothing better than the cloud. You can sync files across your devices and reach them wherever you are. With the proper tools, you make sure that efficiency doesn’t compromise your data security.

Protect the integrity of your institution

Cybercriminals often cast their nets blindly. That’s why any law firm can become a target of phishing or ransomware. Take a step towards better security and prevent any financial or reputational damage an attack on your firm could impose.

Ensure compliance with privacy laws

Nobody understands the importance of compliance better than the legal professionals. But whether it’s GDPR or something that applies to a single state, legislation often focuses on data security. When you ensure that all your data is end-to-end encrypted, compliance with privacy laws becomes much easier.

Help your clients understand confidentiality

Clients can sometimes reveal sensitive information without realizing what they've done and complicate the jobs of their attorneys. By sharing documents via a secure cloud, you help your clients understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Why use NordLocker Cloud to secure your data?

Cybersecurity becomes much easier when you do it right. But what is right for law firms? Where efficiency and confidentiality matter equally, it means “security that does not get in your way.” That’s the way NordLocker was built. It’s a secure platform to work, back up, share, and sync your files though you can adapt it to your workflow.

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