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What does cross-platform sync mean?

Most people don’t use just one device — they use several. From home computers to smartwatches, the need to access the same apps on different devices is ever-growing. That’s why app creators rarely limit their product to just one operating system. This is what we call cross-platform or multi-device integration.

These two features often come together, but there’s a difference between multi-device integration and cross-platform sync.

Multi-device means that the same app can be installed on more than one platform.

Cross-platform sync is the ability to access the same settings and data on different devices.

How is cross-platform sync useful?

Cross-platform features allow users to use their favorite apps no matter where they go. For offline apps, this simply means accessing them on different operating systems. But when the app is connected to the internet, cross-platform capabilities grow immensely, allowing you to sync your files and settings across all your devices.

Through cross-platform synchronization, your apps always stay up to date, whether you’re using a computer, mobile device, gaming console, smartwatch, or some other device. It’s a popular feature in task managers, calendars, and note-taking apps, but websites can also sync your shopping cart details, preferences, and more.

Can you use NordLocker on multiple devices?

Yes, NordLocker is available on multiple platforms. You can download and install the app on any Windows or macOS computer without limits. Moreover, a single computer can have multiple NordLocker accounts without exposing one user’s files to others on the same device.

Does cross-platform sync work with NordLocker?

NordLocker has cross-platform sync, but it’s only available with cloud lockers. Local lockers are not synced.

Local lockers

Local lockers encrypt and store files on the device on which NordLocker is installed. Since there is an encrypted physical copy of the data on the computer, local lockers can be transferred manually either via removable drives or over the internet.

Cloud lockers

With cloud lockers, you store your files in your private cloud storage. This way, your cloud locker data will be synced across your devices when you log in to your account.

Is cross-platform safe?

Cross-platform sync is often safe but rarely private. If you log in to your social media account from a public computer, it’s safe as long as you remember to log out. But checking your files in the cloud on someone else’s computer may leave your data exposed.

That’s not the case with NordLocker. Our cross-platform sync downloads encrypted files only their owner can recognize. That’s why using NordLocker’s cross-platform sync is completely safe and private.

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