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Secure your files in a click and back them up on a private cloud. Your data is always within reach. Always encrypted.

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Why use file encryption?

Encryption protects your data. It gives you a choice over what you share and what stays private no matter what. No data-harvesting conglomerate or hackers can access your encrypted files.

Secure any file on your computer

Encryption is compatible with files of all types and sizes. Whether it’s a tiny PDF from work or your holiday in HD video, our app can handle it.

NordLocker encrypts files without limits. If you wanted to encrypt every file on your computer, you could.

Access your files wherever you go

Sync your data privately. NordLocker’s end-to-end encrypted cloud ensures that you alone can see your files — on any computer.

Need an important file? Log into your account on any computer, and NordLocker will fetch it for you.

Reap the benefits of encryption in a click

Anyone can use NordLocker. Simply drag and drop any file or folder into the app, and it will be encrypted automatically.

Work on your files within NordLocker hassle-free. Open files directly in the app — no need to decrypt them before use. Or after.

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File security doesn’t have to be complicated

Secure, sync, and share your files instantly

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What do tech reviewers say about NordLocker?

Here’s what independent reviewers think about our encryption software.

NordLocker is one of the best data encryption programs I’ve used. It’s easy-to-use, safe, and affordable. The apps are reliable and simple. You don’t need to configure it or change any settings; NordLocker is ready to go as soon as you log in.

NordLocker is a very polished product. It looks great and provides arguably the easiest way we have seen to encrypt files locally or in the cloud and to share them with others securely.