Cloud storage that puts privacy first

Save space on your device

Protect files with end-to-end encryption

Access and share your files on any device

Open Cloud

Get 3 GB of free storage

What is cloud encryption?

Use NordLocker’s private cloud to secure, back up, and access your files on the web or on desktop and mobile devices.

Get the full cybersecurity package with NordVPN

Pick the best plan for your needs and rest easy knowing all aspects of your digital life are protected at all times.

Here’s what our users have to say

NordLocker strikes a great balance between simplicity and breadth of features. The platform is straightforward and easy to use, and it isn’t overwhelmed by features you’ll never use.

Mike Williams,

Lead security reviewer, Techradar

NordLocker offers a simple way to protect your most sensitive files using encryption, yet easily share them when necessary.

Neil J. Rubenking,

Lead Analyst for Security, PCMag

NordLocker provides a simple user experience for a complex process, which is exactly what you want from software. Users can easily encrypt computer files, back them up to the cloud, and share them with others. There’s zero fear of a data breach or hacking.

Keelan Balderson,

Journalist and Content Creator, Techjury

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