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Encrypt personal and business data with NordLocker — your private file vault. Your files are protected, backed up, and always within reach.


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Protect your data from cybercriminals, surveillance, and malware with NordLocker. Secure, back up, and access your files via a private file vault on the web or our desktop and mobile apps.

End-to-end encrypted
at all times

Enjoy ultimate privacy. NordLocker is built on zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that we know nothing about what you store in your vault. Not only is this more secure, but it also gives you complete access control.

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Access data securely
wherever you are

Store files securely on your device, upload it to the cloud storage, or sync it across your devices and platforms. And even when it’s synced to a shared device, your data stays private. Because no one can see or access your data without your permission.

No leaks or stolen files

In the increasingly more dangerous world, you can easily protect your digital possessions. With NordLocker, your data is backed up and protected from unauthorized access, malware, or lost devices.

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Secure your business data with NordLocker

Back up and sync your business data in a secure file vault on the web and control everything with NordLocker’s Admin Panel. Your business stays protected from data leaks, ransomware, and theft.

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Data security that’s always with you

Privacy with drag and drop

Security can’t be easier. Drag your files into NordLocker, and they’re encrypted instantly. When you browse photos or open files directly in the app, your files remain private to anyone on that device.

What do tech reviewers say about NordLocker?

Here’s what independent reviewers think about our encryption software.

“NordLocker is one of the best data encryption programs I’ve used. It’s easy-to-use, safe, and affordable. The apps are reliable and simple. NordLocker is ready to go as soon as you log in.”

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Secure file management and sharing for startups and departments:

500 GB cloud storage
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
Access control via Admin Panel
Secure file management
Private sharing
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support

For advanced collaboration

Business Plus 2 TB

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per user, billed annually

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Advanced collaboration and security for teams and companies:

2 TB cloud storage
Unlimited end-to-end encryption
Access control via Admin Panel
Secure file management
Private sharing
Access on any platform
24/7 priority support

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Highest cybersecurity standards

NordLocker is built with complete security and privacy in mind.

10 years in cybersecurity

NordLocker was built by the team behind NordVPN, the world’s most popular VPN. As a company, we strive to build the best cybersecurity tools anyone could use.

Zero-knowledge architecture

Zero-knowledge architecture simply means that the app uses client-side encryption. Even though we sync and back up your data, we can never see your encryption keys or know what you store on your cloud.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account. Choose from several authentication methods, including single-use backup codes, authenticator apps, and third-party security keys.