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NordLocker for macOS: Release notes

Dec 16, 2020

release notes macos

Every move we take, every tweak we make, every bug we shake, we will update you. Hopefully, you read that in Sting’s voice and came here for some release notes. Because that’s exactly what we’re serving.

All the releases for NordLocker’s macOS app since the launch of the cloud services are here. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can follow the updates in the future.

NordLocker 2.6. (latest)

  • Get your new gear out because NordLocker now supports Apple’s newest M1 (Silicon) processors.
  • We made error messages clearer so you know when your files are not syncing properly. Now, errors have categories, and you can reach the faulty file faster by clicking the arrow symbol next to its name.
  • We crushed a bunch of bugs. If you encounter more, let us know.

NordLocker 2.5.1

  • From now on, the app will continue to run in the background and sync files after you close it. You’ll see the NordLocker icon in your Mac’s menu bar. Click on it to check if there are new files waiting to be synced. If so, enter your master password right in the menu – there’s no need to launch the main app to keep that syncin’ going.
  • Make secure notes: create encrypted text documents directly in the NordLocker app. Right-click in the app, select “New Text Document” from the menu, and jot down your secrets.
  • Lock screen now has a new steely look!
  • If you skipped the Quick Tour during your first NordLocker session, you can come back to it anytime. Find it under the Help section in the menu bar.
  • More details in the right sidebar: file kind and date modified.
  • New option in Preferences: show or hide filename extensions.
  • New option in the right-click file menu: choose an application for opening a file.

NordLocker 2.4.1

  • You lock your doors, your phone, your laptop… Now lock NordLocker too – there’s a new shiny “Lock” button to keep your lockers from prying eyes when you have to go away for a moment.

NordLocker 2.2.4

  • There are two types of people: those who sort files by kind or size and those who don’t. From now on, NordLocker lets you do whichever you prefer – the kind and size of each file are now specified in the list view.
  • Introducing the Preferences section. It’s home to handy settings and your account info.
  • To make sure no one’s peeking at your files while you’re away, we automatically lock the app after a certain time of inactivity. It’s 15 minutes by default, but now you can set the time that works best for you.
  • A few bugs minimized to the level of non-existence.
  • Continue your data security journey without interruptions: the NordLocker app is compatible with macOS Big Sur.

NordLocker 2.1.6

NordLocker Cloud is available for all premium and freemium users! Upload and reach your files from different devices.

  • Our sleeves are still rolled up and our focus sharpened as we’re creating a safe space for your private data. We’re happy to announce that our encrypted cloud is now available for everyone to try! 3 GB if you’re on a Free plan, and 500 GB if you’re Premium.
  • What’s also great? From now on, you can encrypt as much data on your device as you like, as there are NO MORE LIMITS on local file encryption.
  • And, of course, there’s no release without bug fixes. This one is not an exception.
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