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NordLocker for Windows: Release notes

Dec 09, 2020

release notes windows

Updating NordLocker often takes you less than a minute. This is when you can also see all the improvements we made to the app. If you ever miss the release notes or just want to follow how NordLocker has been changing, visit this post. Here we will list all the changes to the NordLocker Windows app since the launch of the cloud.

NordLocker (latest)

  • What’s better: Some improvements to the update process, which should now run a bit smoother.
  • What’s fixed: While it’s a relatively minor update, we’ve marked a few bugs for termination, too. Hasta la vista, babies.


Usually, this is where we tell you what we did in NordLocker. This time, we’re asking you to tell us. We’ve added a feedback form in the top bar – rate, comment, and help us improve your experience even faster.

  • What’s new: Date column. In addition to the name, type, and size, your files also get a date column, so sorting them becomes much easier.
  • What’s better: Deleting files is now faster.
  • What’s fixed: A lot of bug fixes, including some performance and column behavior issues.


  • What’s better: Creating lockers! We made sure that the “Create locker” button is always at hand. No more need to chase it with mouse-hover moves – simply click to create a new locker right away.
  • What’s fixed: Sometimes, after you edit a file, its shown file size wouldn’t change. Now, the displayed file size is always up to date.


  • What’s new: When it comes to managing your files in lockers, we aim to be somewhere between a doppelganger and a twin of Windows Explorer – for maximum convenience and seamlessness. Now you can resize, move, choose to hide or show columns – just like you do in folders outside NordLocker.
  • What’s better: Locker sync runs more smoothly.
  • What’s fixed: A selection of minor bugs was left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.


  • We implemented some improvements under the hood to boost the overall app performance. Also, a few usability updates above the hood to make your NordLocker experience smoother.


  • What’s new: There are two kinds of people – those who sort files by type and those who don’t. From now on, NordLocker lets you do whichever you prefer.
  • What’s fixed: A few bugs minimized to the level of non-existence. Also, we found the culprit that had caused the app to crash, and solved the case.


  • What’s new: Felt a bit artsy, so updated a few icons in the app.
  • What’s fixed: Sometimes, the app was being stubborn and would only sync 99 lockers to the cloud. We ended this weird number game, and now you can sync as many lockers as you like. Also, we fixed a few other minor bugs to make your NordLocker experience smoother.


NordLocker Cloud is available to all premium and freemium users! Upload and reach your files from different devices.

  • Our sleeves are still rolled up and our focus sharpened as we’re creating a safe space for your private data. We’re happy to announce that our encrypted cloud is now available for everyone to try! 3 GB if you’re on a Free plan, and 500 GB if you’re Premium.
  • What’s also great? From now on, you can encrypt as much data on your device as you like, as there are NO MORE LIMITS on local file encryption.
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