NordLocker for business: file encryption on any cloud environment

Even the safest cloud solution needs additional protection. Secure your business data with NordLocker.


Safeguard your patient data with NordLocker without extra costs, manpower, or learning new skills. Our encryption works with any cloud storage while protecting your file integrity. It also helps you stay HIPAA-compliant. We offer a drag-and-drop interface, complete access control, and secure file-sharing in just a couple of clicks.

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Stay ahead of data privacy laws in the education sector. Anyone from students, professors, and staff can use NordLocker for secure cooperation. NordLocker is available for both local and cloud storage and doesn’t require high costs or new skills. You can use it on any cloud platform.

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Let NordLocker help you to withstand the winds of change in the financial sector. When encrypted with NordLocker, your data is protected from regulators and data thieves. Encrypt unlimited amounts of data and collaborate on any cloud without compromising data security.

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State-of-the-art data security for any business

Works with any cloud provider

Upload encrypted files to the cloud service you already use.

Simple encrypted file sharing

Send secured data as you would any regular file.

End-to-end encryption for all files

Your files are protected by the world's most advanced cryptography algorithms.

Complete access control

You control who can open the files. Even if someone stole your data, they wouldn't access it without your permission.

Zero-knowledge policy

NordLocker has a strict no-log policy. Only you know what's in your lockers.

Easy to use for any skill level

Even novice users can enjoy premium-level security with our drag-and-drop interface.


NordLocker doesn’t just secure your files with state-of-the-art encryption. It also helps you stay compliant with the GDPR and other privacy regulations. By encrypting your business data, you protect your reputation and your clients’ trust.


Do you work in the healthcare industry in the US? NordLocker helps you stay compliant with the HIPAA. Encrypt all protected health information (PHI) in just a couple of clicks and share it securely.

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