Patient health record protection with NordLocker

Keeping patient data secure doesn’t require high costs or extra manpower.

Protect medical records

As doctors and medical personnel, you’re responsible not only for patients’ health but also their data security. NordLocker helps you protect your patient data and stay compliant with privacy regulations like HIPAA.

While you’re busy saving lives, we keep your files safe.

NordLocker secures healthcare data with seamless end-to-end encryption. Secure all types of files – as many as you like.

Store data on the cloud

Handling patient data efficiently is easier on the cloud. But don't risk exposing confidential information. While cloud services give you storage, we add premium-level security on top. Encrypt data and upload it to the cloud, your files remain accessible and safe.

Share securely

While you share patient data, you want to make sure it doesn't get into the wrong hands. NordLocker makes it easy as access control stays with you. Share files with confidence. Only the intended recipient can access the data you send them.

Get assistance from experts

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