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Why cloud data needs encryption

Personal data has become a valuable asset, and now everybody wants a piece. Do you know who and why can access your files on the cloud? With NordLocker, file protection is easy. You can secure an unlimited amount of data on your computer and get 3 GB of free cloud storage.

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Unlimited encryption

NordLocker is fast and can handle any kind of data. Drop your files into the app and encrypt them. As many as you like.


Cloud storage

You can protect your files on your computer or on the cloud. Every user gets 3 GB of encrypted cloud storage for free.

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Put your files into the secure cloud, and you'll never lose them. Access your cloud files from any computer with your NordLocker account.

Encrypt files with NordLocker

Encrypted storage is secure storage. If you protect your data, companies can't sell it and hackers can't steal it. Secure any amount of data on your devices. NordLocker will protect it and you will remain in control of who and when can access your files.


Protect any file

NordLocker can secure any file. Drop the file into the app, and it’s instantly encrypted. So add anything without worry: your vacation videos, photos from your teenage years, the next-hit music mix you’ve been working on, tax and medical documents — you name it. To anyone who does not know your password, your files become not only become inaccessible but also unrecognizable.


File security anywhere you go

NordLocker encrypts files on your computer before uploading them to the cloud. Whether you’re protecting data on a shared computer or accessing files from another device, you don’t have to worry about exposing them.

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Access control

Local or cloud storage, NordLocker stays 100% private. When files are encrypted, they are encrypted for everyone — even us. Only you know what’s inside your lockers and who can access them.

How does NordLocker work?

A file is more than just the people posing in a photo or the words laid out in a document. Every file also has sensitive information attached to it, called the metadata. It contains details like access locations, dates, and owners. NordLocker scrambles all that information for everybody else, while you can still comfortably work on your files. Moreover, you keep control of your data at every step of the way. You choose what to encrypt, what to upload to the cloud, what to move to the local storage, and what to export out of the app. Here’s how it works.

The minute you drag a file into NordLocker, it’s encrypted. The process is fast, so don’t worry if you miss it. All you need to know is that what you see in the NordLocker app is unrecognizable for anyone else but you. This way, you’re not only protected on shared computers — your data stays protected if you lose your device.

In NordLocker, you can add files to local lockers (encrypted folders on your computer) or cloud lockers. If you move a file into one of your local lockers, it is encrypted on your computer. Drag it into one of the cloud lockers, and the app will upload the file to the cloud. You can choose to leave the original on your computer and only upload a copy or keep your data exclusively on the cloud.

Synchronization is automatic. If you log in to your NordLocker account from another device, the cloud content will be downloaded to the new computer. Just like before, the file remains encrypted to anyone but you.

Encrypt and store - anyone can do it.

We wanted to create an encryption tool that anyone could use. A tool for everyone: from personal users to healthcare professionals, legal workers, and high-level CEOs. That’s why, on the surface, NordLocker feels so simple. You drop a file in, and it’s secured on your computer.

Using secure cloud storage is just as easy. The only difference is that instead of using one of the local lockers, you drag your files to the cloud locker. Create as many lockers as you need. Some might prefer having a separate locker for every file type or purpose, while others may find that it’s easier to manage data when it’s all in one locker.

You also don’t need to decrypt files to open them. Launch videos or work on documents directly from the lockers.

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