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1. Install

Download and install the NordLocker app.

2. Set up your account

Log in with NordVPN credentials and create your master password.

3. Encrypt and decrypt files

Secure your data and access the files other NordLocker users share with you.

Why use NordLocker?

Focus on what matters — we'll handle security. NordLocker adds cutting-edge encryption to any file. And whether you use a Mac or a PC, using NordLocker is effortless. Try and see. Drag files into the app and encrypt them instantly. Plus, there's only one password to remember.

You're in control

Don't blindly trust cloud providers. Encrypt your files before you upload them to the cloud and stay in control of your files. Complete security, zero worrying.

Easy file sharing

If you need to share a single file or even the whole folder, just add the intended person's email. It's that easy. Manage permissions to all your files in two mouse clicks.

State-of-the-art encryption

You should never skimp on security. We don't. Your data is protected by time-tested algorithms like 256-bit AES and the latest cryptography advancements like the elliptic curve encryption.

Keep files in secure Lockers

Just a simple drag-and-drop to a Locker folder – and your files are protected with rock-solid encryption. If someone tries to take a peek at what’s inside, they’re out of luck. Organize your data the way that works for you – create new Lockers and move files around. All file types are supported.

Barely noticeable, ultra secure

The NordLocker app integrates into your device seamlessly. Enjoy the convenience of managing your files the way you are used to – but with ultimate security. Lockers may look like regular folders, except for their cosmic gray tone. What’s invisible to the eye is the AES-256 encryption underneath.

Manage access

Need to share your files securely? Take full control of who can access them by managing Locker permissions in the app. When it comes to the sharing part, choose email, messenger apps, or uploading to the cloud – any way is secure when files are encrypted by NordLocker.

Don't lose control over your files.

Download NordLocker now