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Why use NordLocker?

Focus on what matters — we'll handle security. NordLocker adds cutting-edge encryption to any file. And whether you use a Mac or a PC, using NordLocker is effortless. Try and see. Drag files into the app and encrypt them instantly. Plus, there's only one password to remember.

encrypt cloud
You're in control

Don’t let cloud providers snoop on your files. When you keep files in NordLocker’s cloud storage, only you can access your files. Complete security, zero worrying.

zero knowledge
Never exposed

NordLocker never lets files be exposed. Even when you work on a shared computer or lose your device, nobody will be able to access your files without your password.

state of the art
State-of-the-art encryption

You should never skimp on security. We don't. Your data is protected by time-tested algorithms like 256-bit AES and the latest cryptography advancements like the elliptic curve encryption.

Personal files secured.

Photos, videos, notes

Think of all the personal files you’d rather keep private. Prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands and being exploited in malicious ways.

Finances, IDs, passwords

Getting this info compromised may lead to identity theft or loss of money. NordLocker ensures top-notch security for your sensitive data.

Your secrets

Whether it’s your diary or a secret music collection, NordLocker protects it from prying eyes so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to snoop on you.

Work files secured.

Freelancing work

Use NordLocker to ensure secure file access and make your professionalism shine when sharing your work with clients.

Confidential work in progress

If you’re an entrepreneur, programmer, researcher or any other professional in the process of creating something big, keep it confidential as long as you need.

Medical records

Medical data is increasingly becoming a target for cybercrime. Protect sensitive data of your patients by storing it securely encrypted.

Enjoy yourself. We'll take care of security.

folder secured

Encrypt everything, worry about nothing

We protect your files with seamless end-to-end encryption. Enjoy peace of mind – files encrypted with NordLocker are safe no matter where you decide to keep them. Secure all types of files – as many as you like.

folder sync

Access from multiple devices

Install the NordLocker app on all your computers to access encrypted files whenever you need to. NordLocker’s sync feature makes sure you always have your files with you.


Enjoy privacy. Always.

Whether you work on a single device or use NordLocker’s sync feature on multiple computers, you always remain protected. No matter where you work, only your master password can decrypt files in NordLocker.


Get assistance from experts

Our customer care team is always ready to assist you. Get in touch directly or go through our Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions. Our Premium users get 24/7 support and enjoy the first-in-line priority for email inquiries.

Don't lose control over your files.

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