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Check out Nord Account — a better way to log in

John Sears

John Sears


Feb 03, 2021


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Believe it or not, making things secure is not our only focus. We also strive to make security easy and accessible. This is what today’s update is all about. We are joining other Nord Security brands in switching to a safer login method — Nord Account. Here’s what you should know.

What is Nord Account?

Nord Account is a login method implemented for all Nord Security products. It’s a very similar process to how you log in to Google or Facebook. Nord Account uses the OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol for authentication, so you'll be able access all your Nord products from one place.

Switching between accounts becomes easier too. It’s especially useful if you have multiple users of Nord products on the same device.

Nord Account not only makes the login process safer but will also help us implement even more security features in the future, like multi-factor authentication.

Do you need to create a Nord Account?

If you're already a NordLocker user, you don't have to create a new Nord Account. We've used your credentials to create one for you. Just like before, you can use your email and password to log in to NordLocker. So, what changed?

The most noticeable difference is where you log in. After you click Log in in the app, you will complete the process on the Nord Account page via your browser. Here are a few more changes that Nord Account brings:

  • Safer account
  • You have more freedom with how you log in. You can use your credentials like before or log in to your account with a 6-digit code we’ll email you.

  • Easier account management
  • If you’re the only user on your device, Nord Account will remember you, so you don’t have to enter your password every time. But even if there are multiple users, switching between accounts is still very easy.

  • No need for separate accounts
  • You'll be able to use the same Nord Account with all Nord Security products.

How to create a Nord Account

If you're new to NordLocker, you'll first need a Nord Account. Here's how to create one:

  1. Download NordLocker and click on Create account. The app will open your browser and redirect you to the Nord Account page.
  2. Follow the instructions. Creating an account takes less than a minute.
  3. Get back to the NordLocker app where you should be logged in automatically.
  4. Create your master password and make sure you write down your recovery code. Keep in mind that, while your Nord Account will work with all Nord Security products, your master password should be unique to your NordLocker account.
John Sears

John Sears

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