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What is a secure file transfer?

In NordLocker, user privacy is key. So, we implemented secure file transfer — a data sharing feature that allows every user to keep control over their files even when they share extra sensitive and private data. But note that, unlike the name of the feature might suggest, you don’t share individual files directly. To share files and folders, you have to put them into lockers, which are your encrypted folders.

How does secure file transfer work?

You can securely send any file or folder with NordLocker in just two steps. First, you have to grant someone access permission to the locker where your files are stored. Then, you can send the locker to the person you want to share it with.

How can I grant access to my lockers?

Even if someone had a copy of your NordLocker files, without your permission, they wouldn’t be able to decrypt them. To grant access to one of your lockers, right-click on it and select Share locker. In the next window, enter the recipient’s email address and click Add.

If the recipient is not yet a NordLocker user, we’ll send them an invite to join. Once they do, you can share access to the locker with them.

How can I send lockers via secure file transfer?

To share a locker, right-click on it, select Share locker, and then Share. You can either share the locker via Dropbox or Google Drive — just follow the instructions.

You can also find the locker on your computer and share it however you like. To do that, right-click on a locker and select Show in File Explorer on Windows or Show in Finder on macOS. In either case, the app will open the location of your locker. You can copy the locker to a removable drive and share your files physically or send the locker as an attachment via email or a messaging app.

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