Secure file transfer keeps your files safe

Control who can access your files

Safely send files to family, friends, and coworkers

What is secure file transfer?

Secure file transfer allows you to send lockers to other people while retaining ownership over your files. Even when you’re working with extra sensitive and private data, you stay in control.

How can I transfer files securely?

You can securely send any file or folder with NordLocker in just two steps – all you need is the person’s email. Share your locker with however many people you like and wait until they accept your invitation. After they do, you will all see that locker in your apps. Don’t worry: you always remain the owner of the locker and can stop sharing it whenever you want.

How can I grant access to my lockers?

To grant access to one of your lockers, enter the person’s email address. You can do this by clicking “Share locker” in the main menu, clicking on a share icon in the preview panel, or right-clicking on the locker you want to transfer and selecting “Share.” We will send the person your invitation and help them gain access to your locker.

If the person is not a registered user, we’ll lead them through the registration process and help them join.

How can I send lockers via secure file transfer?

Actually, you don’t need to send anything. After you invite people to access a cloud locker, and they accept, it will appear in their app automatically. They will be able to use the files in the locker until you remove their access or delete the locker.

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