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File management: more beneficial than you think

Jul 20, 2021

You desperately need a document to be forwarded on before you can leave work, but you can’t find it anywhere on your computer. You curse your cluttered desktop and downloads folder, where it takes 30 more minutes to find the correct file. Unfortunately, it’s too late — the deadline has been missed, and the issue will have to wait another day.

While it’s quicker to just save things to your desktop, it doesn’t take long until your screen looks as if it was hit by a bomb. Having a proactive attitude to file management can yield a lot of useful results for both large organizations and personal projects.

What is file management?

A file management system is software that’s implemented into a business or organization. It sorts and archives your files, documents, and other data and can organize them in a way that makes it easy for you to find and access them.

The database of files given to a management system will have a search function, making retrieval of particular documents faster than ever. Seems simple enough. So, why is file management important and what kind of benefits can be reaped from it?

Benefits of file management

Whether you’re running a business or starting a new work project, here’s how keeping on top of your file management with some decent software can help you:

  • Streamlines office processes. Anyone who works in an office knows that half your work you spend waiting on others to get back to you. With a file management system to help with storage and organization, you’ll find yourself not having to send or receive as many emails asking for a particular document. Waiting on admin work could be a thing of the past.
  • Helps maintain project uniformity. A project could need multiple team members working on a single document. So long as that document remains linked to your file organizer software, all versions of it will remain up to date. Similarly, if you want to go back and check previous versions, a file manager keeps older iterations archived.
  • Easier to protect sensitive documents. Any file management system that’s worth its salt will let you keep documents restricted from certain individuals. It could be something as mundane as employee payroll information or something more sensitive like work files that are for members of the board only. Either way, a file manager should allow you to password-protect whatever documents need it.
  • Everything in one place. File management systems can essentially function as pseudo-archives. All the information you need for a topic, subject, or project is centralized in one useful location. A lot of file management software will allow you to establish file hierarchy. A hierarchical file system is a great way to compartmentalize a selection of files into one overarching topic folder.

Who needs a file management system?

The benefits of a good file management system are obvious. Anything that can be implemented into a business to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity is a necessity for any large organization. Businesses, charities, software companies — any industry that requires excessive amounts of administrative data will see how much of an asset a file manager can be.

But what about smaller parties? Fortunately, the benefits of having a file management system can be felt on a much smaller scale. Implementing a file management system with your home network will similarly establish more organization. This is especially true for those of you working at home. It’s easy to fall into messier habits if your work hours are spent at home rather than the office. Anyone who works predominantly in front of a computer needs to know how to organize computer files and folders.

How can NordLocker help?

Any file management systems will have a lot of sensitive information. So how are you going to keep all that data secure? Simple — with NordLocker, one of the most useful cybersecurity tools available.

NordLocker allows you to store all your files in a vault protected by next-level encryption — our security is physically impossible for any hacker to break through with today’s technology. Our protection doesn’t discriminate: every file you place in your NordLocker vault will be protected. All you need to do is drag and drop files into your NordLocker folder. File encryption has never been easier.

Especially helpful for those who are always on the move, NordLocker has encrypted cloud storage — you can access any file needed wherever you are in the world, from any computer.

Elisa Armstrong

Elisa Armstrong

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