$10,000 NordLocker Bounty

Be the first to open our locker and win the bounty.

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The race for the bounty is on

We’ve built a fortress — now we’re asking you to tear it down. Open our locker, find the message within, and claim the bounty. Give it your best shot, because you're racing against tough competition. Downloads are updated daily.


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Download Bounty locker

Data protected by NordLocker is kept in encrypted .locker files. We’ve put one such .locker online. You can download it by clicking the button below.

hack it

Hack it

We’ve hidden something inside the locker. Open the locker to find out what it is.

claim your prize

Claim your prize

Open the locker and follow the instructions inside. If you contact us first, you win the $10,000 bounty.

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Crack the locker and claim the bounty

So you think you can crack?

We want NordLocker users to feel confident that their files are safe. We need your help to find out whether we’ve missed anything. If you crack open the locker, you’ll have our gratitude and, of course, the bounty.

Download NordLocker

Did you get the bounty locker? You may also need the app. Download NordLocker and get cracking. Remember, hackers all over the world are trying to get to the bounty reward first, too.

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macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher

Opened the locker? Contact us

Please follow the instructions inside the locker

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